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An insider’s perspective on Edinburgh and beyond.

"I love their takes on lyrical urban noir…and their eye for the beautiful illusions this beguiling city has to offer." The Broughton Spurtle

We are henni.photo - Lynn Henni (studied photography and film-making) and Paul Henni (with a background as a freelance designer and sculptor). Our interest in urban imagery combined with a lifetime of living in and exploring our home city of Edinburgh brings a unique perspective to this beautiful and multi-faceted place.

"...the husband and wife duo don't shy away from the well-trodden classic viewpoints, but their fascination with light and weather has led to their combined efforts showing in a new exhibition, focusing on the unusual takes on these tourist hot spots." STV Edinburgh

Guildford Arms No1, Edinburgh. Photo by and copyright of Lynn Henni. Scotland, UK, Scottish, Edinburgh, Urban, City, B&W, Black and White, BW, Mono, Monochrome, Guildford, Arms, Pub, Bar, Public, House, West, Register, Street, New, Town, Centre, Urban, People, Man, Walk, Cobbles, Setts, Night, Old, Histori
Guildford Arms No1, Edinburgh. Photo by and copyright of Lynn Henni.

Our photography is generally in the moment rather than planned although there are some shots and angles to which we return again and again. As for any photographer, light has a significant impact on our work. The light in Edinburgh and Scotland is special and provides many contrasts as the weather changes, often hour to hour.

"It’s also worth seeking out Retina in some of its other outposts: at the Roamin’ Nose restaurant on Eyre Place, Edinburghers Paul and Lynn Henni present The Elements, a show of their photographs of their city. Shot mainly in black and white, often at night, they show the city at its moody, mysterious best, reminding us of the power of a good photograph to reveal a familiar place in a new light." The Scotsman

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